´ Steel Curtain Rising: Steelers Close 2014 NFL Draft Taking UMASS' Tight End Rob Branchflower

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Steelers Close 2014 NFL Draft Taking UMASS' Tight End Rob Branchflower

There were more than a few rumors that had the Steelersbeginning their draft by selecting tight end Eric Ebron. Whether those were true or simply off the mark punditry like so much else, the Steelers never got their chance, as Ebron was taken well before the Steelers got a shot at Ebron when the Detroit Lions took him.

But if the Steelers didn’t begin the 2014 NFL Draft taking a tight end, they ended it by taking one, when they took Umass’ Rob Blanchflower in the 7th round.

While Branchflower only had 27 catches for 313 yards and 3 touchdowns in 2013, that was enough to get him a YouTube highlight video:

If nothing else, Branchflower does seem to know what to do when the unexpected occurs.

The top of the Steelers depth chart at tight end does appear to be is settled with Heath Miller and Matt Spaeth, but Branchflower will most certainly be given a shot at unseating third tight end David Paulson, who is over performed expectations during his rookie year in 2012 and under performed in 2013.

Welcome to Steelers Nation Mr. Branchflower.

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