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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Offering Peter King an Apology, on Behalf of Steelers Nation

Twitter has its limits as a communication medium, limits which are not captured by the phenomena of 140 characters.  Yet it can be quite useful for basic fact gathering under the right circumstances, and yesterday was one of them.

As someone who was critical of King after the Hall of Fame Selection Committee’s decision to continue black balling Jerome Bettis, this peeked my curiosity. A little more research revealed this:

That being the case, it seems like an apology to Peter King is also in order.

To be sure, Steel Curtain Rising did not specifically charge King with failing to support or working against Jerome Bettis’ selection for the Hall of Fame. However, Bettis has been eligible for four years running now, and his entrance into the hall continues to be blocked.

And there are voters who are skeptical simply because of a “Too many Steelers already in the Hall” mentality and if it was perhaps unfair to characterize Peter King as the ring leader of that group, he did in fact much such a statement regarding Lynn Swann’s candidacy.

However, King agrees that Jerome Bettis belongs in the Hall of Fame, and one can assume he did nothing to oppose him.

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