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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Al Pacino's "Six Inches in Front of Your Face" Steelers Style....

On Any Given Sunday might not have been the best movie made about pro football out there, even if one of its characters was supposedly inspired by Kordell Stewart.

But Al Pacino’s “Six Inches” in front of your face is one of the better cinematic renditions of a half time locker room rally speech.

Caddy Lakis, an apparent Steelers fan, has taken the trouble of editing together a collage of great moments from Steelers history, and interspersing it with Pacino’s “Six Inches” in front of your face.

Complements to Lakis, who has paired some of Steelers Nation’s proudest and most poignant moments for an excellently choreographed video, including unearthed footage of a young Dick LeBeau, a heavy dose of James Harrison’s 99 interception return in Super Bowl XLIII, Hines Ward’s retirement speech, Charlie Batch’s difficult day in Cleveland, Antonio Brown’s fumble in Dallas, and much more more.


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