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Monday, January 2, 2012

Steelers Defeat Browns, Mendenhall Feared Lost

The Pittsburgh Steelers closed out there 2011 regular season with a workman like 13-9victory over their historic rivals, the Cleveland Browns.

The victory, however, counts as bittersweet by any measure. The Cincinnati Bengals were unable to upset the Baltimore Ravens, meaning that the Ravens win the AFC North on the strength of tie breakers.

And, perhaps worse yet, the Steelers fear that Rashard Mendenhall has suffered a torn ACL, meaning his season will end.

The torn ACL suggestion was reported by ESPN at 10:23 Eastern Time. The Tribune Review did not report the ACL tear, in a report filed by Scott Brown at 8:23 Eastern time, but they did confirm that the Steelers fear Mendenhall is lost for the post-season.

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