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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Steelers Defeat Ravens 31-24

What a game. The Pittsburgh Steelers of the Mike Tomlin era have a flair for the dramatic, and a knack for pulling out games when all hope appears to be lost.

They took that standard to a new level against the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Divisonal playoffs.

I can't pretend to offer a detailed analysis so soon after a dramatic victory.

So I'll just tip the hat to Greg and Diane, and the other two Steelers fans who joined Gustavo Vallegos and myself at Buenos Aires Alamo resturant for the game -- the other 45 people or so who were in bar were all Ravens fans.

What a joy it was to have them ask me, when the Ravens were winning big, "you're a Steelers fan? Where are you from....?" [Maryland was my response.] "Then why are you rooting for the Steelers?

"Because its Steelers Nation, baby!" We Steelers fans are loyal and today's game was one of the reasons why.

More tomorrow. Go Steeler!

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