´ Steel Curtain Rising: Steelers Defeat Ravens, 13-10

Who gets the game ball for the Steelers win over the Texans?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Steelers Defeat Ravens, 13-10

What a game! It is 2:00 am in Buenos Aires -- these night games can be brutal, but endings like this make it worth it.

In a game where the odds seemed stacked against them, the Steelers shucked off injuries, and found a way to win. What can you say about Troy Polamalu? Two weeks, two game saving plays.

And what about Issac Redman? The Steelers cut him at least three times last year, and no one took him. The Ravens had chance to get James Harrison and he has made them pay. Now it was Redman's turn. Perhaps the Ravens should pay more attention to the Steelers practice squad cuts.

More tomorrow.

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