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Sunday, September 12, 2010

No Steelers vs. Falcons in Argentina

Steelers fans in Argentina, and presumptively the rest of the Cone of South America woke up Sunday to a rude surprise.

No, the Steelers did not suffer another off-the field injury or other scandal, but instead we learned that Direct TV is not showing the Steelers-Falcons game today!

During the 2008 season Steel Curtain Rising complained vocally that Direct TV was screwing its South American NFL Sunday Ticket customers by providing 6 games a week on their Sunday Ticket. In 2009, largely thanks to the efforts of the Argentine American Football Association, Direct TV restored the full ticket, or something close to it.

Alas, it is not the full ticket. They have seven channels reserved for the 1 o'clock games, but there are nine 1 o'clock games this week.

So they're not showing the Steelers vs. the Falcons or the Browns vs. Tampa.

Detroit Lions fans living in Buenos Aires, can of course see their team play the Chicago Bears....


greg. said...

dude that sucks. i don't have direct tv, but i live in central pennsylvania and even though FOX had the broadcast, i didn't get to see the game either because the Philly FOX station chose to show Giants/Panthers instead of Steelers/Falcons. sucks.

KT said...

Yeah, it does suck. The really crappy thing is that I checked their site yesterday and the Steelers game was one that was listed.

As for the Central PA game, that too blows. I know that residents of Harrisburg used to get Steelers games, but that the NFL started showing Ravens games when the team moved there.