´ Steel Curtain Rising: Lefwich has MCL Tear, According to Unconfirmed Reports

Screwed by Bloggers Polling, Again

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Lefwich has MCL Tear, According to Unconfirmed Reports

A Twitter feed for Pro Player Solutions, which represents professional athletes, is reporting that Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Bryon Leftwich has torn his MCL.

While neither ESPN nor the Post-Gazette, nor the Pittsburgh Tribune Review are confirming the report, the Tweet was retweeted by the Washington Post's La Canfora and by ESPN's Chris Mortonson.

While this lends crediblity to the report, no offical word has been given. It was, however, confirmed ealier in the evening that the Steelers took Leftwich to the hospital for an MRI.

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