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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Larry Zierlein Axed, Bruce Arians to Stay on as Offensive Coordinator

At the end of the day it was nothing more than a lot of sound and fury, the signified a lot less than everyone expected and many wanted.

For two days rampant rumors circulated reporting that:
  • Mike Tomlin was set to fire Bruce Arians,
  • the front office was pressuring Tomlin to fire Bruce Arians,
  • the new investors in the Steelers ownership group had led to a "changed culture" which mean Tomlin would have to fire Bruce Arians.

There was even the rumor that Bruce Arians himself had leaked the word of his own demise.

Mike Tomlin did begin the Steelers 2010 off season by making the first change of his coaching staff since arriving in 2007. But Tomlin fired offensive line coach Larry Zierlein and told Bruce Airans he would remain as offensive coordinator for another year.

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