´ Steel Curtain Rising: Max Starks Signs with the Steelers for Four Years

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Max Starks Signs with the Steelers for Four Years

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and ESPN.com are reporting that Max Starks has signed a long-term deal with the Steelers. Stark's contract is for four years and 26.4 million dollars, with a ten million dollar signing bonus.

Prior to the off season, the Steelers had named Max Starks their franchise player, binding him to the team for the 2009 season and paying him $8,451,000 for the year. In spite of that, both Starks and the Steelers have insisted that a long term deal was what both sides wanted.

While many in the media saw prospect as unlikely due to NFL salary cap considerations, an agreement was reached this week. The move will also create about 2 million dollars in extra salary cap room for the Steelers.

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