´ Steel Curtain Rising: Steelers draft guard Kraig Urbik, WR, CB in Third Round

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Steelers draft guard Kraig Urbik, WR, CB in Third Round

The 2009 Draft is thus far going according to plan for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Yesterday, they drafted defensive end Ziggy Hood in the first round, and then traded down in the second to get three picks in today's third round.

With their first third round pick, they drafted Kraig Urbik, a guard out of Wisconsin. They followed this with Mike Wallace a wide out and kick returner out of Mississippi, and finished the round with Keenan Lewis, who played corner at Oregon State.

Heading into the draft the Steelers need areas were defensive line, offensive line, wide receiver, and defensive back, in that order.

As part of the deal they made yesterday with Denver, the Steelers traded their fourth round pick, and will not pick again until the 5th, when they have two picks.

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