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Screwed by Bloggers Polling, Again

Folks, it looks like Blogger's polling has decided to stop working. We had a good poll on the Steelers draft which suddenly got dropped to zero.

Guess you get what you pay for on these free platforms. Thanks to all those who voted.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Watch Tower: Steel Curtain Rising Ahead of The Curve

Someone needs to tell Ed Bouchette to stop stealing Steel Curtain Rising's ideas! (That's just a joke for you lawyers out there.)

Seriously, today's Post Gazette reported that Byron Leftwich might seriously consider staying with the Steelers as a back up, because he's enjoyed his time here, he likes playing for Mike Tomlin, and he apperciates the Steelers as an organiztion.

That is exactly the secnario that Steel Curtain Rising floated in yesterday's edition of Steelers 2009 Free Agent Focus, which dealt with Byron Leftwich's impending free agency.

OK, it doesn't take a genius to piece together the logic that would bring Byron Leftwich back to Pittsburgh as a back up, but the fact that Steel Curtain Rising, from 6,000 miles away and with zero access to sources, was ahead of the Post Gazette at least buys us some bragging rights....

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