´ Steel Curtain Rising: Steelers-Oilers Bad Blood Fuels Current Rivalry with Titans

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Steelers-Oilers Bad Blood Fuels Current Rivalry with Titans

The Steelers vs. the Titans is the focus this week, but that has stirred up a ton of memories from the elder days of the Steelers and Oilers rivalry. You could fill a small book with anecdotes from Steelers-Oilers games:

  • Joe Greene’s five sack, one fumble recovery and blocked field goal to make the difference in a must-win situation in December 1972,
  • The two AFC Championship victories at Three Rivers Stadium,
  • Chuck Noll calling out Jerry Glanville,
  • Rod Woodson forced fumble on Lorenzo White in overtime to set up Gary Anderson’s upright splitting field goal in the playoffs in 1989
  • That same victory that cost Jerry Glanville his job,
  • Mark Royals to Warren Williams in the Astrodome on opening day 1992,
  • Al Del Greco going wide right at Three Rivers Stadium in 1992 to give the Steelers undisputed control of the AFC Central in 1992,
  • Gary Brown sucking off one of Greg Lloyd’s full speed, full contact hits to gain 5 or six yards in 1993,
  • Michael Barrow ripping off Mike Tomzack’s helmet so as to hit him better in 1993,
  • Rod Woodson causing another fumble to set up another game winning Gary Anderson field goal in 1994

Free free to take a moment to share your memories from the Steelers-Oilers rivalry.

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