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Friday, December 12, 2008

Parker's Comments on Steelers Football Accurate, but Inapproprate

Willie Parker said what every Black and Gold blooded Steelers fan has been thinking all year long:

  • The Steelers have gotten away from Steelers smash mouth football under Bruce Arians.

Regular readers of this blog know that Steel Curtain Rising is no fan of Bruce Arians. Parker is absoutely right.

But he was wrong to open his mouth.

The Steelers are going to travel to play the Baltimore Ravens this week. The Ravens are every bit as tough as the Steelers. The Steelers have not won in Baltimore in five years. This game is going to be a street fight. Let's put this into prespective:

  • After beating the Patriots much of the press talked about Pittsburgh closing in on the second seed in the AFC...
  • If the Steelers lose to Baltimore, the press will be asking if the Steelers can simply make the playoffs

That's how big this game is.

Therefore, now is not the time to be airing gripes publically. (Leave that to the press and the fans.)

Instead of focusing on the Raven's, Mike Tomlin is now forced to respond to Parker.

The Steeler do not need these distractions. Willie Parker is not Anthony Smith. He should know better. He should keep his mouth shut, at least in public.

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