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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Two Must Reads on the Steelers Running Game

The blogsphere has supplied Steelers Nation with two must reads on the Steelers running game. Yours truly had wanted to write about that this week, but time did not allow.

But the site Behind the Steel Curtain has two pieces that should both probably be required reading for the Steelers coaching staff.

“Blitzburgh” has done us the favor of doing a painstaking analysis of the Steelers running tendencies on third and short. I will not steal the man’s thunder, but I will tell you that anyone looking to build a case that Bruce Arians hasn’t committed to running the ball should start here.

The second article is by Ncoolong, formerly of “On the Black Side.” In “Get Gary the Ball, He’s Earned It” Neal takes makes that argument that it is time for the Steelers to see what Gary Russell can do.

If you haven’t come across those articles yet, go check them out now.

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