´ Steel Curtain Rising: Eagles Hammer Steelers, 15-6

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Eagles Hammer Steelers, 15-6

Normally you do not think of 15-6 as a lopsided score, but the Steelers got their heads handed to them today.

And this comes from someone who was traveling on business and did not even see the game....

Seriously, one does not need to watch a minute of action to jump to this conclusion.

As the offensive line goes, so goes Ben. And the team.

Ben got sacked EIGHT TIMES! That is enough to negate the quality protection the unit afforded Ben in the first eight games.

So much for the talk of Larry Zierlien's new techniques taking effect. So much for Chris Kemoeatu making us forget about Alan Fanaca.

The Steelers one glaring question mark going into 2008 was the offensive line. The preseason and the first two games made everyone think that the line would not be an issue.

It is.

Ben is lucky not to come out of the game worse than he did.

Larry Zierlein and Mike Tomlin had better figure out what went wrong, becuase Ed Reed and Ray Lewis are going to be licking their chops watching today's game films.....


Anonymous said...

That was as ugly of a game as I have seen since the 27-0 loss the Ravens. Popular choice would be to blame the Offensive Line for everything but the problems Offensively ran deeper than that from playcalling that made no sense, to a lack of audibles and hard counts to why the O-Line looked unprepared in general in how to block against the blitz, who their assignments were etc...

Let's hope that it is all fixed for Monday Night's game against Baltimore or Rex Ryan is going to look like Red Boullieau from The Waterboy laughing on the sidelines.

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Sorry if this looks like spam in some way. It wasn't my intention.

KT said...

Thanks for commenting.

As I was traveling on business, this is the first time I have had a chance to read, let alone write, anything about the Steelers.

I will answer your question via email.